crisis response team


Our Crisis Response Team are trained and experienced Domestic and Family Violence Specialists who intimately understand the impact of living in an abusive relationship. Women and children can access the Crisis Response Team over the phone or face to face. The Crisis Response Team provide –

  • Information

  • Safety planning and support

  • Referral to safe accommodation and other services if required

The Crisis Response Team is based at the Redlands and Logan Central offices, we have an ‘Open Door’ policy at both offices and provide immediate support to women and children seeking safety.

To contact the Crisis Response Team please call 3050 3060 and our friendly staff at will direct you to the right representative in either Logan Central or Redlands office.


High Risk Team


The Logan/Beenleigh High Risk Team (HRT) trial responds to one of the recommendations of the Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland report. In August 2015 the Queensland Government released its response to Not Now, Not Ever; accepting all 140 recommendations. One of those recommendation (76) was that the Queensland Government establishes a model of inter-agency responses to high risk cases of domestic and family violence (DFV) which work within an integrated response model, and which is progressively established throughout the state.

The HRT in Logan was the first urban trial site and started operations in February 2017.

The HRT consists of core and relevant associate members; the latter of whom attend HRT meetings on a case by case basis. Core members in Logan-Beenleigh HRT include:

  • Logan District DV Unit - Queensland Police Service

  • Queensland Health

  • Child Safety

  • Youth Justice

  • Department of Housing and Public Works

  • Courts

  • Probation and Parole - Corrective Services

  • Victim Assist Queensland

  • The Centre For Women & Co

  • The Department of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Partnerships (DATSIP) support the work of the HRT as their role is to develop strategic partnerships across government and non-government agencies to recognise and respond to the aspirations of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Queenslanders. 

The Centre for Women & Co is the lead non-government agency for the Logan-Beenleigh HRT. We have a dedicated team of DFV specialists funded to provide expertise, support and coordination functions.  Some of these functions include: monitoring HRT referrals, completing preliminary and complex risk assessments, record keeping, coordinating logistics of meetings, and responding to immediate safety and needs where an existing support is not available.

The HRT is not intended to replace service providers’ daily responsibilities. The purpose of the HRT is to build on and extend good practice for appropriate information sharing and coordinated and timely responses to increase safety and perpetrator accountability.   The Logan/Beenleigh High Risk Team is committed to an ongoing process of learning and evolving approach informed by feedback and review/evaluation.

For more information or to speak to one of the team members from the High Risk Team please contact the Logan office on 3050 3060.

To learn more about the Not Now, Not Ever: Putting an end to domestic and family violence in Queensland report, please access this resource.