Her Platform is an online portal where women from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds get 24/7 access to tools and resources that support their mental health, wealth and wellness.

Offering a mix of free specialised holistic wellbeing content, as well as paid courses and masterclasses by expert facilitators –Her Platform is a safe online space where we empower one another through shared education and inspiration.



We’re rewriting history and introducing her.story.

With no topic too small for exploration: from self care to self harm, from depression to gratitude, from eating disorder to self love, from loneliness to connection, Her Platform is a place where all women can share snippets of our lives, from which we can all learn, adapt and evolve.



  1. The study of past events, particularly human affairs.

  2. The whole series of past events connected with a particular person or thing

  3. A continuous, typically chronological, record of important or public events or of a particular trend or institution.

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We’re a platform for the women in our community.


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We all have a valuable story to tell. Part of our vision for the platform is to invite all women from our community to join and potentially become a collaborator. More often than not, the women that come to our Centres have expressed their desire to give back and offer their knowledge and talents to the community.

Her Platform is an inclusive space for shared education and inspiration.